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Account View 2.0: Account Aggregation Feature

Account View 2.0: Account Aggregation Feature

| January 30, 2023

What Is Account Aggregation?
The Account Aggregation feature allows you to view all your accounts within Account View, giving you a holistic view of your entire financial picture. Account Aggregation is powered by Morningstar®, an investment-first aggregator that uses industry leading technology to deliver financial account data that you can use. This feature makes it easier for you and your advisor to create a more actionable and personalized plan that considers all aspects of your wealth. By linking both your investment and banking accounts, your advisor will be better equipped to assist you and gauge progress toward your financial goals.

How to Link Your Accounts
The account linking process is simple and can be completed in a few quick and simple steps:

  1. Access your Account View account at
  2. Search for your financial institution(s)
  3. Enter your credentials
  4. Select the accounts to link and share with your advisor (i.e., checking, savings, 401(k), brokerage, Roth IRA, 529 plans)

Account Aggregation Benefits:

  • View a complete financial picture and entire net
  • Receive more actionable and personalized guidance from your advisor
  • Gauge progress toward financial health goals
  • Increase efficiency and productivity with your advisor

Industry-Leading Technology That Is Safe and Secure
Morningstar prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. Utilizing over 20 years of industry expertise, all information is encrypted so that it remains secure. You also decide which accounts to bring into this picture, giving you complete control over your account data. With that considered, we encourage you to link all your accounts for the most complete financial picture.

Looking for some additional information?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below and this video:

Contact our office with further questions or assistance and start linking your accounts today.



What is account aggregation?
Account aggregation is the act of digitally linking all your financial accounts to view them in one location.  Account View’s account aggregation powered by Morningstar® helps advisors and investors get a holistic view of their financial assets and liabilities by automating the aggregation process. Morningstar implements a knowledge-based process that uses artificial intelligence to securely gather and transform financial account data. The data is then delivered to your financial application of choice.

How does Morningstar access the data?
Morningstar supports user-permissioned account aggregation from over 15,000 financial data sources.

How do I gain access to account aggregation capability?
If you have Account View 2.0 and wish to gain access to this feature, please contact your Financial Professional to discuss if this capability might be a good fit for you.

What type of aggregated data will be available for Phase 1?
For LPL’s initial rollout of this capability, you’ll have the ability to aggregate and view your outside account balances. As part of our long-term roadmap, we’ll be exploring ways to incorporate additional data, including positions and transactions.

Who can access my aggregation profile?
Your financial professional will have view-only access to your aggregated account balances as part of their planning process. However only you, the end investor, will have the ability to modify your accounts.

What account types are supported?
We support a wide array of account types including, but not limited to, 401(k)s, 529 plans, IRAs, brokerage accounts, cash and equivalents, checking, savings, credit card and liability accounts, sweep accounts and fixed/variable annuities.

What type of data is aggregated?
Morningstar aggregates data related to Financial Accounts, Positions, Transactions (trade or settlement), Prices, Securities, and Tax Lots.

How does Morningstar ensure the data is accurate?
Morningstar ensures high-quality data by performing checks at each step of the data acquisition, enrichment and delivery process to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your aggregated data, so that you and your advisor can have the most comprehensive and actionable view of your finances.

How often is data aggregated?
When a user links their account(s), data will be aggregated immediately, including the current account positions and historical transactions as far back as the first calendar day of the prior year. Moving forward, aggregation occurs automatically on a nightly basis, and captures newly posted transactional data and prior day close position values. Subsequent aggregation may also be performed on demand, if needed to support specific aggregation use cases.

What happens if I need access to a financial institution that is not currently supported?
Morningstar allows users to submit requests within the account linking process to establish a connection with a new financial institution.

What do I do if there is an inaccuracy with the data I’m receiving?
Data inaccuracies should be reported through the available support channels, so that a ticket can be logged for Morningstar to investigate and provide a resolution.

What if I’m unable to connect to a financial institution?
First, we recommend checking that you have selected the correct financial institution and submitted the correct credential information for the accounts. If you’re still unable to connect and the error message doesn’t provide an adequate resolution or recommended action, the issue should be reported through the available support channels, so that a ticket can be logged for Morningstar to investigate and provide a resolution.

What do I do if my accounts stop aggregating?
We recommend that you review the error message, and if the error message doesn’t provide an adequate resolution or recommended action, the issue should be reported through the available support channels, so that a ticket can be logged for Morningstar to investigate and provide a resolution.

What happens if my financial institution password changes?
Depending on the method of aggregation, your financial institution password may be used by Morningstar to connect to the financial institution. If it is, and your password changes, the account(s) will
likely fail to aggregate until you update your financial institution password in the Morningstar application. Morningstar will trigger an error message with this recommended action.

How do I know that my information is secure?
Morningstar prioritizes the security of your data. All sensitive data is encrypted when transmitted or stored, even during communication between the service's components. For more information: orningstarSecurityPrivacyPolicy.pdf

How long does Morningstar retain aggregated data?
Data retention policy is determined on a per-customer basis. Morningstar is a data intermediary, collecting information from the primary source (e.g., the financial institution where the account is held) and
delivering it to our customers. Typical retention is one calendar quarter but can be configured by customer. Please enquire with your service provider for their specific data retention policies

What happens if I delete my account or financial institution connection?
Deletion of your financial accounts or credentials will result in the immediate purging of any data stored within the Morningstar platform.

What benefit do I get from linking my accounts?
Key benefits of Morningstar Morningstar include:

  • Viewing a complete picture of your net worth
  • Receiving more actionable and personalized
  • Gauging progress toward financial health goals

Investor technical support
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