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Our 401k Premise, Mission, and Vision

The 401(k) and Business Owner Premise

Few Business Owners retire when, and in the manner, that they had envisioned and expected! A 401(K) Plan can provide a Tax Advantaged Asset to assist in that Retirement Quest.   The Qualified Retirement Plan should also provide all Plan Participants with access to quality Financial Planning, Portfolio Advice, and Assistance.


The Mission

Enable our clients to achieve a sense of control over their Fiduciary Requirements by assisting them to customize their 401 (k) Plan with an Investment Policy Statement and Objectives; and then Integrate these objectives into a repeatable annual Plan of Action.  This Plan of Action will assist a client with:  1) maintaining the required Fiduciary File and Records; 2) providing Financial Planning Advice; 3) 401(k) Plan Participant Education; and 4) building the Plan Assets.

The Vision

The Sewickley office of Stratos Wealth Partners offers a Premier Qualified Plan Service to those clients who desire a Comprehensive, Value Driven approach to work toward fulfilling their Fiduciary Requirements to 401(k) Participants, the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service.  


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